Current Projects

During our retail hours from 12-5 daily, we invite you in to StudioLife to create one of our projects. We have the supplies needed in the studio and would love to have you drop in. 

Here are is our current list of projects.  


Create a Terrarium

We have beautiful natural elements around the shop to collect to build your own terrarium.  Choose your glass container, sand, plants and embellishments.  You cannot fail with this project!  They all turn out beautiful because you are working with beautiful ingredients. Price range $15-$60

Create a Potted Succulent Arrangement

Choose a ceramic pot and exquisite succulents to create a beautiful arrangement.  Add moss, rocks, other elements available in the shop.  We are there to help, but are confident you will create a gorgeous arrangement.  Price range: $15-$60



Create a Macrame Wall Hanging

By learning a few simple knots, you can design your own macrame wall hanging. You have seen them in the Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters catalogue...beautiful on a wall and therapeutic to make.  Price range: $20-$40