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Shibori Indigo Dyeing - Virtual Workshop


Sylvia Larson

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Date & Time:

September 30, 2021 7:00 PM


90 minutes


Live Virtual Workshop


During this class, you will learn to mix a batch of indigo dye for dyeing cloth napkins and tea towels (included in class supplies) and whatever else you have on hand and want to work with. Sylvia will show participants two shibori folding techniques using two white kitchen towels. The napkins and the towels will be a beautiful addition to your home decor or make great gifts! You will have enough dye left over (which lasts if kept in the right conditions) to use again and again. This workshop is suitable for beginners. (Warning...this process of creativity is addictive and you will want to find anything and everything to dye because everything turns out so cool! Please feel free to come prepared with extra items to dye. Any 100% natural fabric will work8)

Sylvia started making her own hand dyed products out of a love for crafting and realizing that not everyone can afford to hire an interior designer but everyone should be able to have fun quality products at an affordable price.

The supply kit (included with the purchase of this workshop) includes:

- Dye

- 2 White Kitchen Towels

- 6 Cloth Napkins

- Rubber Banks

- Gloves

Important things to have on hand (not provided):

- Work space with access to hot water

- Sink for rinsing (Ideally stainless steel or an outdoor space  to avoid staining porcelain…if using a porcelain tub to hang items, you can just make sure your projects drip onto an old towel or plastic)

- 5 gallon bucket with lid (available and inexpensive at Home Depot or Lowes)

- Some sort of stir stick (paint stick or yard stick work well)

- Drop cloth/old towel/tarp to protect work space

- The dye vat will have enough dye to do several projects so you are also welcome to bring other items to dye…sweatshirts, t-shirts, pillow case, more towels, etc. Any 100% natural fabric like cotton, wool, silk, linen will work. You may also come back to use the dye vat for up to two weeks when securely sealed and kept indoors. As the weather gets nicer this is a great project to set up outside but it can be done easily indoors with the right covering of your space.

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