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Watercolor Workbook Study - June


Sarah Simon

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Date & Time (PST):

June 11, 2022 1:00 PM


2.5 hours


Live Virtual Workshop


Sometimes it just helps to SEE the magic happening. How much water to use, exactly where you place your colors, what order to paint when you are watercoloring…come join us for the first time, OR continue your painting adventure here with Sarah as we paint another lesson in Watercolor Workbook.

Watercolor your way through your very own copy of Watercolor Workbook, learning from the artist-author herself. 

With this class, you will learn the techniques Sarah uses for watercolor, and see how she uniquely teaches the foundations of this art as a transferrable skill. Sarah teaches you step by step, and once you know how to paint a petal, that knowledge can be used to paint a large landscape or a very petite and defined pet. The possibilities are endless with this beautiful art! 

Sarah has taught thousands of people how to watercolor and with her teaching talents, has made it such an approachable and enjoyable art form, both for the experienced and novice alike. After this class with Sarah, you will be skilled and knowledgeable, with the new ability to actually see and recreate the watercolor process, layer by layer. And you will have completed a beautiful piece of art as well!

You get to choose your own adventure for this class. We have created three tiers, so you can come as you are and meet this learning journey right where you need it:

  • Don’t have your Watercolor Workbook yet? Maybe you are just trying to figure out what paint you like and need? No problem, select the option: “Book + Class Materials + Class Instruction” and you will receive everything you need to create on the day of class, plus 25 more of Sarah’s most sought-after and beloved projects. Your own copy of Watercolor Workbook (which Sarah will sign for you!!), plus a kit of professional watercolor Materials: Winsor & Newton professional grade paints (including the much-coveted Perylene Maroon, Perylene Violet and Oxide of chromium – and of course, Payne’s Gray!), Princeton brushes, Sakura of America pens – and even extra paper from Hahnemuehle, a travel palette from Blick Art Materials and a few more goodies to supply you with a perfect watercolor kit!
  • You already have Watercolor Workbook but you’d like to have Sarah’s pro instruction and her favorite Materials that go with this class. Select the option: “Class Materials + Class Instruction” at checkout, and you will receive a Materials kit delivered to your front door, so you will have everything you need to create in class.
  • You’ve got everything you need – but you would love to hear how Sarah does it! Select the option “Class Instruction Only” and you will receive a link to the virtual zoom class so you will have Sarah’s professional and live-time instruction. 

Class Format:

There’s nothing like learning from the author herself as you begin your painting journey! If this is your first class with Sarah, review the basics on page (insert page number) before class. From there you will learn layer by layer: how Sarah creates a watercolor masterpiece by combining different skills that build on one another. The next part of class will be all about color. Learn to mix Sarah’s signature peachy-blush hue, along with several other incredible and unique color combinations. Sarah will teach the color recipes she uses for this beautiful light-hued ‘Fruit Blossom’ lesson, as well as teaching you a different color combination for the same piece – a bonus set of colors and skills to learn that are not in the book!

At the end of class, Sarah will walk you through several different lessons in her book, helping you to understand each piece and decipher the process, step by step. She loves to remove the fear of art, and is talented in giving her class attendees the skills and abilities to embark on their own creative journeys. 

You will walk away from class with all of this knowledge, and a clear understanding of Watercolor and the process to begin – and to continue creating with this beautiful art.

After classes with Sarah, her students continue on their journey to enjoy watercolor as a hobby, enjoying the process because they understand the foundations. Watercolor is a powerful tool to practice mindfulness and is such a calming, fulfilling way to spend creative moments. Through art journaling, sketchbook practice, or documenting road trips and family memories, Sarah has seen so many of her empowered attendees pursue this craft with courage because of the new-found skills she has had the privilege to unleash. Several

You will walk away from class with all of this knowledge, and a clear understanding of Watercolor and the process to begin – and to continue creating with this beautiful art! 

A bit more about Sarah, TheMintGardener: 

Sarah Simon is the Artist and Author at TheMintGardener. Finding inspiration in the ever-blooming variety of textures and colors in her Seattle-based urban farm, Sarah creates and teaches lush Watercolors inspired by the diverse variety of herbs, flowers, and trees grown in her garden. With a continually blooming following of botanical and art lovers alike, her teaching has received worldwide attention with her online painting courses in the International Watercolor Summit and her monthly live zoom teaching sessions with the Flower Painting Club (patreon.com/themintgardener ). 

Sarah's work has been featured in many publications and blogs worldwide, and has been celebrated in the form of commercial product design, stationery, and textiles as well as wholesale and private commissions. Just a few of her clients include: Nordstrom, Country Living, Facebook, The University of Washington, Expedia, Sakura of America, Blick Artist Materials, Winsor and Newton, Target, Estée Lauder and Sur La Table. Her books Modern Watercolor Botanicals and The Plant Lady Coloring Book were released in November 2019, and are international best sellers. Her third book Watercolor Workbook was released April 2021 and has held the #1 top best seller in Watercolor Books on Amazon. She has been teaching people to Watercolor since 2014 and is a thorough, engaging and knowledgeable teacher. Day to day, you can find Sarah painting and sharing creativity on her Instagram, @themintgardener as well as hosting exciting events for an online community of painting-lovers worldwide.

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