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Pointed Pen Calligraphy Workshop

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Ellen Sontra

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2 hours


The art of the written word will always be a valuable and cherished thing. Learn from Ellen Sontra of Letters by Ellen as she teaches the fundamentals of traditional calligraphy in this on-demand workshop.

No previous experience is required for this workshop, but afterwards, you will have the basic skills to use this beautiful art form and have the materials to continue to practice at home.

This virtual workshop will teach you the basic handhold for pointed pen calligraphy, letter forms and practice strategies.  You will leave the workshop with everything you need to continue to work on your skills at home.

Kit materials:

Instruction packet including all elements of practice and letter formation

Glass jar of Moon Palace Sumi Ink

Nikko G pointed pen nib

Zebra G pointed pen nib

Speedball straight pen holder

Speedball oblique pen holder

High quality gridded practice paper

Paper goods extras (tags, envelopes and artistic paper for practicing!)

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