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Watercolor Technique: Whales Workshop

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Sarah Simon

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2.5 hours


Watercolor Whale Workshop: Enhance your watercolor skills with Sarah Simon, TheMintGardener using beautiful whale and floral imagery.

In this class, Sarah will be exploring all of her favorite watercolor techniques and adding a few too. You will explore how to ‘glaze’ and add depth to your watercolors, mix up color recipes, as well as playing with mark-making to see how incredible your round brushes really are.  You will also get the opportunity complete a full project together step by step, so you will have a complete piece of frameable art when you are done!  The class explores two different approaches to watercoloring the Whale, and learn which techniques Sarah uses to get the clean, smooth and vibrant look she is able to capture with her paintbrush. As always, Sarah will provide you with pre-drawn art, so there will be no pressure to draw anything in class. All you have to do is open up the supplies we send you, and tune in online as Sarah guides you live, real time, through the mindful practice of watercolor in these peaceful hues.  

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