It's Never Too Late to Begin Again - 13 Week Series

Julia Cameron
Julia Cameron

It's Never Too Late to Begin Again - 13 Week Series


Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Midlife and Beyond. (A Julia Cameron Artist’s Way workshop for those contemplating a Second Act).

Friday mornings, July 12 to October 11, 9:30-11:30am (13 week series)

Facilitated by Donna Linn, MA

About the Workshop -

This book distills over 25 years of Julia’s teaching and writing, as she focuses on “What’s Next?” for students who are embarking on their “second act.” If you have excitement, fear, curiosity, worry, or are just plain wondering what’s in store for the next phases of your life, please come and explore with us. Meaningful readings, tasks and discussions will help inspire you; guided memoir writing throughout the sessions offers insight and focus. 

You do not have to be retired or an artist to get great inspiration and ideas from this workshop. It is aimed at those transitioning into the second act of life—leaving one life behind, and heading into one yet to be created. There are no prerequisites for this series.

Supplies -

A copy of It’s Never too Late to Begin Again book and all materials for on-site activities and light refreshments will be provided. You’ll need to have one notebook for class and two for activities as home – more will be explained in our orientation session. 

Who can benefit from this workshop? 

  • Are you retiring from work or experiencing “empty nest” syndrome? 

  • Are you wanting to find the inspiration that lies within you and rejuvenate your creative spirit? 

  • Are you going through a transition and want to explore what is truly meaningful for you? 

  • Are you ready to discover Youthful Aging and how to be a Vibrant Beginner? 

  • Are you hoping to increase creativity in your life, whether you are a “self-declared” artist or not?

Memoir -

The addition of writing an ongoing guided memoir in this workbook is what sets this apart. Explorations and discoveries can help set your life on new joyous trajectories. 

Now is the time to add more joy to your life during these beautiful summer days and as we transition into fall. In the lovely, comfortable space of StudioLife in Ravenna, Donna Linn, an experienced Artist’s Way facilitator and teacher, will meet the group weekly for facilitated activities and guided discussions in the book. 

This book addresses many taboo subjects such as boredom, irritability, and depression, providing simple tools to turn that energy into a creative rebirth. It attempts to prove that everyone is creative—and that it is never too late to explore your creativity. 

“Over 15 years ago, I facilitated a group using the original Artist’s Way book, and soon began to explore many new avenues,” said Donna. “After one group completed the 12 weeks, we wanted to keep going, so then we picked up the next book Julia had written and immersed ourselves in that.” 

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About the Facilitator, Donna Linn 

Donna Linn MA, made Seattle her home after leaving her native England in her early twenties. She has taught at Seattle area community colleges, in the Seattle workplace, and in various countries overseas, having an ongoing passion for different cultures and languages. Although Donna never considered herself to be an artist, since working with the Artist’s Way books over the years, she has found unexpected joy and deep satisfaction in many artistic expressions.

Cancellation policy:

The purchase of this class is final, however if something comes up and you cannot make it, you may find a replacement for your seat. Please email with your replacement request. StudioLife reserves the right to cancel or change workshops. In the rare event of cancellation, StudioLife will provide a full refund.

Photos and videos taken during the workshop may be used on social media.