Terrarium Building Workshop


Terrarium Building Workshop


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Tuesday, September 18, 7:30pm-9pm, $30

In this workshop we will learn in a group setting the basics of creating your own unique mini-scape. This is a fun night out with friends, a creative date night or a great opportunity to meet new people. 

Tuesday, September 18, 7:30pm-9:00pm

Spend your evening in a new way! We will be creating personalized terrariums at StudioLife. We have a beautiful selection of glassware, soils and sands, plants and treasures to customize your miniscape. We will talk about plantcare, watering and terrarium maintenance. We guarantee that you will leave with a beautiful creation and enjoy watching others in the creative process as well. Join us!

Cancellation policy:

The purchase of this class is final, however if something comes up and you cannot make it, you may find a replacement for your seat. Please email hello@studiolifeseattle.com with your replacement request. StudioLife reserves the right to cancel or change workshops. In the rare event of cancellation, StudioLife will provide a full refund.

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