what if

could we create more space for ourselves in our daily lives?

curated plants on shelves in the StudioLife shop

StudioLife was started with the idea of creating space

creating space is a choice and takes practice. we believe that the discipline of creating space in our lives enriches us.

what would it look like to invite more time and space for ourselves in our day to day life?

StudioLife owners Brooke Anderson and Kristi Brumbaugh

Meet Brooke & Kristi

We have been friends for a long time and found ourselves circling around the idea of wanting to start a new chapter, a new adventure, and a new way to relate to our greater community. We decided to open a plant shop in our beloved University District neighborhood in Seattle.

the shop

about our U-District location

Just a short walk from University of Washington and University Village, our amazing space is always filled with light, and makes a great place to dive into creativity, or reverie with friends, family or coworkers. Our beautiful work tables and large countertops are perfect for hosting our events, or yours.

how could we find more beauty in the reality of life?

our journey creating space


We started there and then quickly added classes with local artists. We started using our beautiful space during the day as a shop and the evening for creative workshops and a venue rental space.

We have had many a beautiful party at StudioLife (birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, weddings and graduation gatherings) - those events add to the magic of what has happened in our physical space on University Way. And it’s also been the place that we have found space for ourselves to retreat, learn and grow.

StudioLife shop street view
StudioLife shop street view

enter virtual events

But then Covid...we thought we were sunk for awhile there and then the idea of virtual workshops became a reality.

We have loved the experience of connecting artists and learners from all over the country and world. It has broadened our reach and made many unique experiences possible. The creativity of people continues to astound us - from learners arranging classes with friends and family across the miles to artist-instructors strategizing how best to teach and connect with their growing communities. We are both wired to look for and enjoy the creativity in others, so we gain a lot of joy from this business of ours.

our journey forward

As we exit the pandemic-era, our focus has renewed on creating space for others. We're estatic to be working more with local charitable organizations to raise money, awareness, and bring together artists and learners for amazing causes.

As a thank you for spending your time learning about us, use code 'imadespace' at checkout for 10% off your next event. 🤍

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